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Horse Haven Riding School – Terms and Conditions

All orders for goods, ride outs, private ride outs, lessons and horse/pony loan accepted by Horse Haven Riding School are accepted subject to the following terms and conditions, which shall form part and govern the contract of use of horse(s)/pony(s) or purchased equipment.   No agent or representative of Horse Haven Riding School has the authority to vary these conditions unless accepted in writing by a Proprietor of Horse Haven Riding School, hereafter referred to as “a Proprietor”.

A. Payment, Price, Safety and Complaints

1.       Horse Haven reserves the right to vary the quoted price for the goods by upwards additions in accordance with market conditions at the date of actual supply and the purchaser shall pay such additions to the quoted price.

2.        The Management reserve the rights and the decision of who may partake in any lessons or courses which Horse Haven Riding School may hold and host. Company Terms and Conditions Apply. Company Policies Apply. Errors & omissions excepted.

3.        All invoices requested are due for payment on the date shown on the invoice.   Payment is to be made in sterling unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Proprietor/Director.

4.        A minimum requirement of 24 Hours notice must be given for all Week Day cancellations.  Less than 24 hours notice will require full payment.  

5.        Weekend Cancellations require a minimum of 48 hours notice; less than 48 hours notice will require full payment.  

6.        Special offer block  bookings lessons are non refundable/non transferable and are honoured up to a maximum of 4 calendar months.

7.        Lesson cancellation will be completed in all instances by an adult verbally.  If you send an e-mail cancellation it still must be backed up with a  cancellation telephone call.    Children cannot cancel lessons.   Failure to comply will result in you being charged for the full lesson price.

8.        If you wish to make a complaint over your own or your Childs lesson.   Put the complaint in writing (with your name, address and telephone number) and hand  it to the Senior member of Horse Haven Staff on duty.  This would be either be, the Stable Manager, Chief Instructor or Senior Instructor on duty. 

9.        Lessons/Goods/Services booked through Horse Haven Riding School are non transferable between individuals/parties.

10.   Riding Disclaimers must be fully completed by individuals wishing to ride.  Non completion or omission of the form that has to be completed by the rider will make any possible/future claim against Horse Haven Riding School Null and Void.

The complaint lodged will be investigated by Horse Haven Senior Staff and if upheld an appointment will be made for you where we will deliver our findings.

Unforeseen incidents can take place during lessons which we have no control over as horses and ponies can react unpredictability.  This in turn may mean a lesson may run late.    Do not under any circumstances complete the following.

11.    Deposit your child and leave, you are abandoning your child without due care.   Stay with your child until the instructor(s) come back to the Office.  Pay your fees for the lesson and only then can you proceed to sit in your car or the chalet and await for their lesson to complete.

12.    Enter the stable premises and take a horse or pony out of its stall.  This is strictly prohibited - you have been warned.

13.   Wander around Horse Haven premises without escort or being asked to proceed to the indoor arena in an orderly fashion

14.    You are in breach of our Health and Safety protocols if you proceed with any of the above points.

Once your booking is complete with Horse Haven Riding School, it is advisable that you ensure you know how to get to us on the day of your lesson.  If you are late or get lost we cannot accept responsibility, clear directions are on our website with a supplied post code for SATNAV users.

If a lesson runs over,  your lesson times will be accordingly adjusted when starting and finishing.  In the event of this happening, stay with your child/ward until you have paid for the lesson.   Once more do not under any circumstance abandon your child / ward.

Force Majeure.   "Force majeure" means any event, which we the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid.    Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.    When a major road/motorway is closed or traffic delays for any reason, we cannot accept blame for the customer being late

Our Staff are here to help you and we will most certainly not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour.  

Abusive and aggressive customers and members of the public who behave in this manner will be asked to immediately leave the premises, forfeiting any further and future lessons or loan at Horse Haven Riding School.

B. Availability of Goods
Horse Haven will use its best endeavours to comply with the date named for dispatch or delivery which date is given and intended as an estimate only and to be the essence of the contract.   If owing to non-availability of the goods or any other causes beyond the Horse Haven’s control, or shall be unable to affect delivery hereafter it shall be at liberty to determine the contract or part thereof by giving notice in writing to the purchaser.

C. Liability and Risk

1.       It is recognised that equestrian activities are hazardous to participants, regardless of all feasible safety measures which can be taken; each participating in an equestrian activity expressly presumes the risk and legal responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to person or property which results in an equestrian activity, on or around a horse and the stable confines.    We also advise for your own protection that additional dangerous sport insurance is taken out independently by each rider.

2.       Vehicles Parked At Owners Own Risk.   Horse Haven takes no liability or responsibility for your car whilst parked within Horse Haven premises and your own personal belongings within your vehicle

3.       Personal Effects.  Horse Haven Management takes no liability or responsibility for your own personal belongings or vehicle whilst in the vicinity of Horse Haven Riding School premises.

D. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement 

1.       The Individual acknowledges the inherent risks which are involved in riding and working around horse(s)/pony(s), horse(s)/pony(s) equipment, stable facilities.   The risks may include but are not limited to, damage to personal property, illness, bodily injury, trauma, or death resulting from a fall or while riding or being in close proximity to horse(s)/pony(s).

2.        The Individual further understands that both horse(s)/pony(s) and rider can be injured in the normal course of events while riding, schooling, transporting and therefore agree to indemnify and hold harmless Horse Haven Riding School, its employees, interns, volunteers, or any dependant stable help and further release them from any accident, injury, damage or death to the participant, property, horse the participant owns, any family member or spectator accompanying the participant while on the premises of Horse Haven Riding School and off the premises whilst participating in any activity sponsored by the stable. 

E.  Horse/Pony Loan

1.       No liabilities for any claim against Horse Haven sections C and D paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) govern.

2.        Horse(s)/pony(s) loaners. If under the age of 18 must at all times have parental/guardian supervision on the yard.

3.       No child under the age of 5 may loan any pony.

4.       Any parent found to have falsified records so that their under aged child may ride, will have their loan immediately terminated. Horse Haven Riding School staff are not always available on the yard to cover this; therefore the onus is upon the loaner’s parental/guardian to ensure that the correct supervision is in place at all times. Horse Haven Riding School staff will always leave a contact telephone number to which they can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

5.        Standard loan Period of the Horse/Pony is from 10am through to 4pm Friday. All horse/pony loaners must be clear of the yard by 4pm or a surcharge will/may be incurred. Persistent offenders may jeopardise future loans.

6.        Full horse(s)/pony(s) loan; the loaner is responsible for all of the following appropriate actions:
       a. Complete feed and mucking out of the horse(s)/pony(s) stall.
       b. Complete and proper grooming of the horse(s)/pony(s).
       c. Tack is properly cleaned daily before and after use of ride out/lessons.
       d. Field Turn out when and where appropriate.

7.       Full horse/pony loan is agreed upon that the horse/pony during weekend activities may be required for use in certain ride outs/lessons. Once completed task the horse/pony will be returned to the loaner. Under no condition may the loaner of the horse/pony give permission to any 3rd party to ride the loaned horse/pony. Failure to comply and the following actions maybe undertaken;
       a. Instant dismissal from the yard.
       b. Instant termination of the loan.
       c. Jeopardy of future loan or lessons.

  1. Any suspected injury/illness must be reported to a Proprietor who will decide on the animal’s fitness to continue with the loan.
  2.  If the loaners horse/pony throws a shoe or suspects a loose shoe, this must be reported as quickly as possible to a Proprietor who will decide on the animal’s fitness to continue. Failure to comply in this area will result in the loaner paying the full fee for farriery / veterinary work completed on the horse.

F. Unattended Horse/Pony Loan

  1. Horse/Pony MUST NOT be fed one (1) hour prior to riding
  2.  Random spot checks maybe completed by Horse Haven Staff to ensure that company policy is being adhered to by the loaner
  3.  Horse/Pony must be correctly groomed and hoofs cleaned prior to use
  4.  Tack must be cleaned at the end of each loan day. Shortfalls or damage to equipment must be reported to Horse Haven representative on the day.
  5.  Access to office and tack shall be verbally agreed upon on the uptake of the loan period. Horse Haven Staff Representative shall have the final decision on all actions of access
  6.  Horses/Ponies must be correctly cooled off properly after being ridden
  7.  Under no condition may the loaner of the horse/pony give permission to any 3rd party to ride the loaned horse/pony
  8.  Any suspected injury/illness must be reported to a Proprietor who will decide on the animal’s fitness to continue with the loan.
  9.  Reports back of person(s) found to be acting inappropriately within the confines of the Horse Haven or during ride out; will jeopardise future loan periods
  10.  Horse(s)/pony(s) loaners. If under the age of 18 must at all times have parental/guardian supervision on the yard. 3rd Party child supervision is strictly forbidden
  11. Under very exceptional circumstances, loan days and times maybe changed without notice

G. Self Schooling

Horses and ponies taken out on hire for self schooling, clients must adhere to the following rules

1.       Groom, pick out the equines hooves and tack up the equine used properly.

2.       Jumps that are pre laid out and moved by the client for self schooling must be returning to how they have found the school in the first instance.

3.       Horse/pony droppings must be removed from the school on completion

4.       Equines must be properly cooled down and tack removed, cleaned and stored back in the correct storage locker.

5.       Any mess made by the client on self schooling around the animals stall must be properly cleaned up.

6.       Failure to comply by the client with the above clauses will result in a fixed fine cost be presented.

H. Safety whilst at Horse Haven

Horse Haven Staff rules are clearly displayed and must be observed at all times by all personnel. These rules are applicable to Horse/Pony loaners and for all members of the public participating in lessons or observing on site.

I.  What to Wear.

        1.     What Should I Wear?   If you have not ridden before, or at least for sometime, please note the following requirements for riding at Horse Haven Riding School.

2.     Hats.    Hats must comply to the current B.S.I standard (BSEN 1384/PAS015) and must carry a British kite mark; they must be worn when mounted correctly fitted and fastened. We can loan you a hat for your first few lessons. It is expected that  you have your own hat by the time you join a group lesson.   If you have a riding hat, bring it along and ask in the office for it to be checked that it meets current standards – this is for your safety.   PLEASE BE VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT PURCHASING HATS FROM LOW COST SUPERMARKETS. THEY ARE NOT KITE MARKED AND WILL NOT HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY FITTED. EVEN THE MOST EXPENSIVE OF HATS ARE USELESS IF INCORRECTLY FITTED.

3.     Hi Viz Gear.    Horse Haven Riding School  we operate on a split site and also conduct hacks, you are required to wear Hi Viz clothing at all times when riding or leading on the road.   We are able to loan Hi Viz clothing , however, we would encourage you to purchase your own.   Please ensure that your Hi Viz gear is both fluorescent and reflective – BE SAFE BE SEEN!

4.     Footwear.    Riding boots or Jodhpur boots ideally should be worn, however, any closed toe flat shoe or boot with a smooth sole and a small heel would be acceptable.   Trainers are not acceptable, so please don’t turn up in them expecting to ride.   They are unsafe. RIDING IS NOT PERMITTED IN TRAINERS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

5.     Lower Body.   Thick leggings or trousers that offer freedom of movement. Jeans have been known to cause friction.   Legs must be covered at all times i.e no shorts or skirts.

6.     Upper Body .   Clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions. Arms should be covered no riding will permitted in vest type tops no matter how hot.   We recommend body protectors to be worn whilst mounted.   Please ensure that body protectors are professionally fitted and meet current safety standards.

7.     Hands.   We strongly recommend that riding gloves are worn whenever riding.

8.     Jewellery.   No jewellery should be worn whilst riding or handling horses. The only exceptions are the wearing of a wedding ring and watch.

9.     Ultimately it is your responsibility to be dressed correctly in accordance with the above information before riding.

J. Intoxicating Substances and Alcohol

  1. No smoking at anytime, in the Stables confines or around the Horses.
  2.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is banned from the confines of Horse Haven. Person(s) found to be drinking/intoxicated will be asked to leave the stables confines immediately
  3.  Illegal substances; if brought or found on the premises belonging to any individual will be reported immediately to the police

K. Consequential Loss of Equipment

Loss of any equipment loaned to the individual loaning Horse(s)/Pony(s) from Horse Haven Riding School is responsible for the replacement of the equipment at the current market value. Lost item(s) replacement must be of equal or better quality and as a approved by a director.

L. Bill of Sale and Carriage of Horse(s)/Pony(s)

1.      Cheque payment must fully clear before the release of any horse(s)/pony(s) to the purchaser for delivery. Where upon the purchaser will then in agreement with Horse Haven set a date for transportation of the horse(s)/pony(s).

2.       The purchaser shall, unless otherwise, in writing, be responsible for all carriage, safety and delivery of the horse(s)/pony(s) purchased.

3.       Delay in the uptake upon the agreed date of the transportation of the horse(s)/pony(s) will incur full livery charges to the purchaser.

4.       Tack and rugs purchased will be the responsibility of the purchaser to transport to the horse(s)/pony(s) new location and is bought ‘as seen’.

5.       The purchaser agrees to have adequate insurance for the horse(s)/pony(s) whilst in transit in the horse(s)/pony(s) new location.

6.       Horse(s)/pony(s) purchased are as seen and tested (ie ridden) by the purchaser. No liability of the horse(s)/pony(s) mental well being can be guaranteed to Horse Haven once delivery has commenced and is complete. The onus of liability and duty of care will be undertaken by the purchaser at all times to ensure safe and harmonious carriage of the horse(s)/pony(s).

M. Monday is a known and excepted day of rest for horse(s)/pony(s) internationally. Though in certain instances under a Proprietors ruling or the Stable Managers ruling during Loan Weeks the day of rest is at the discretion of the latter individuals. Therefore, all animals belonging to Horse Haven Riding School will not be ridden with exception to the latter Sentence Statement. Failure to comply and the following actions will be undertaken;
         1.  Instant dismissal from the yard.
         2.  Instant termination of the loan.
         3.  Jeopardy of future loan or lessons.

N. Liveries and Livery Agreements.
 Liveries must sign lease agreements, completing supplied Livery Agreement forms in full. They will abide by the laid down regulations of Horse Haven. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will lead to the Livery being asked to leave under the Livery Agreement Terms and Conditions and; Horse Haven Safety Rules and full Terms and Conditions.

O. Errors and omissions excepted.
P. If any parts of these terms are found to be unlawful, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder.
Q. Duplicate Invoices raised will be subject to an administration charge.

R. Payment

Horse Haven will accept payment as follows

1. Cheque – In person and by mail (subject to clearance)

2. Postal/Money Order – In person and by mail (subject to clearance)

3. Cash – In person only.

4. Bank Transfer – Please ask for details.



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